Principal Investigators

Professor Henry E. Brady, Political Science and Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Till von Wachter, Economics, UCLA

Co-Principal Investigators

Professor David Card, Economics, UC Berkeley

Professor Robert Mare, Sociology, UCLA

Executive Directors

Dr. Jon Stiles, UC Berkeley RDC

Dr. Till von Wachter, UCLA RDC

Dr. Matthew Snipp, Stanford RDC

Dr. Matthew Freedman, UCI RDC

The Research Director, Jon Stiles has overall responsibility for the research activities of the CCRDC. He works extensively with researchers who use the CCRDC and promotes the Center to researchers throughout California and the nation. While his appointment is at UC Berkeley, he is equally responsible for the research activities at all of the CCRDC’s sites.

Each laboratory employs an RDC administrator who is a US Census Bureau employee. The RDC Administrators are responsible for administering the laboratories, assisting researchers with proposal development and project execution, and safeguarding data confidentiality. They act as liaisons between the researchers and data experts at CES or other parts of the Census Bureau and they ensure that knowledge gained from the research at the RDC is made available to the Census Bureau for use in improving Census Bureau programs. They are typically the first point of contact for researchers who use the center.


Jon Stiles, Ph.D. Director of Research contact
John Sullivan UCLA RDC Administrator contact
Angela Andrus UCB RDC Administrator contact
Angela Andrus Stanford RDC Administrator contact
Brian Littenberg USC RDC Administrator contact
Stephanie Pulles UCI RDC Administrator contact